Who Are We (and other questions you may be asking)?

The US National Emergency Alert Registry is an independent organization developed to help get everyone signed up for their local emergency alert service. We are not a government agency and are not affiliated with any of the emergency notification service vendors who provide government agencies with emergency notification services.

Although there are thousands of cities and counties and other jurisdictions with emergency alert systems, these are all managed at the local level. So there are thousands of sign-up pages.
That’s a problem, since it makes it hard to promote a single webpage that anyone can use to sign up.

So that’s what we do.

What do you do with my information?
If you register with us, we’ll take your information and find the local emergency alert system(s) that serves the area you live in (we’ve probably already found them; our database has over 1,000 listings so far).

There might be several of these or you might give us two addresses, in which case we’ll find them all. Then we’ll attempt to register you on their system. If there is no system that serves where you live, we’ll let the local public safety agencies know that there are people they serve who are interested in this service. Since there are free and very low cost services available, hopefully they will get their own system.

In some cases, the registration process requires confirmation or some other step. We’ll send you a notification of this so you can complete the registration.

We will also keep your information on file so you can manage your registration if you move or want to register a temporary address, like a vacation hotel.

Why do you need so much information?
Basically, we need two things, but the details are important. First, we need a number or email to send messages to.

The phone is best because it’s fastest, but email can work too.

And we need your address(es). You can – and should – give us your home address, where you work and any other address that you spend a lot of time at. Because so many people use only mobile phones, you could be anywhere when you get the message, so we want to tell you which address the message is for.

How do you make money?
We’re an advertiser supported site.

One of our primary sponsors is Hyper-Reach, a leading provider of public safety emergency alert systems in the US.

We don’t sell your information and we’ll never provide your information for anything other than for emergency alert purposes.

How do you protect my information?
We use the latest security methods and procedures.

This includes the use of 256-bit encryption, 24-hour security at our data centers, user-based permission controls and other stuff that’s boring but necessary.

Your data is safe with us.
What’s the difference between local emergency alerts and Wireless Emergency Alerts?

Wireless Emergency Alerts come through a system created by the federal government and are sent to most compatible mobile phones using a special service. But most alerts come from local public safety agencies, such as 911, police and fire. Wireless Emergency Alerts will usually only include alerts from the National Weather Service, altough this will change over time. Local alerts will may include messages about downed power lines, fires, floods, missing persons and other local emergencies.

Do I need to sign up with you?
Not at all. If you know the registration page for your local emergency alert service, you should use that instead of our page. And if you don’t know the page, but want to register directly with your local emergency alert system, we can help you with that, too. Just click on our “Find your local emergency alert service” link and enter your state, county and city information. If we don’t have a service listed for your area, you can email us at “help@USNEAR.com” and we’ll find out if there’s a service in your area, and update our database if there is.