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Based on federal and private research, the effectiveness of local  emergency alert systems is less today than it would have been 10 years ago.  Since 2003, the number of households with a landline phone has dropped from 93% to less then 60%.

And since public safety agencies get only landline data from the telephone company, mobile phone numbers are not available to them.  Instead, these agencies depend on people to sign up on their community registration page, and that’s just not happening.

Without a better approach to this shift to wireless, it’s likely that emergency alert systems will be unable to reach half of the population by 2015.  That’s not good, because these systems save lives and property, help find missing persons and even get people to the polls to vote.

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We developed this site to be a single “one-stop-shop” that can be publicized nationwide.  Anyone in the US can come here, register for free or look up their local website, if they’d rather register directly.  We’re actively reaching out to all the public safety agencies to help them publicize their own websites and to work with us in using our site to help them in their mission.  And we’ve done the research that shows the need for this approach.