Sign Up Here for Emergency Alerts

Welcome to the US National Emergency Alert Registry (USNEAR)

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This is your one-stop shop for finding and registering for your community’s emergency alert system. There is no cost for this service and your information will only be used for emergency alerts.

Now, instead of trying to find an obscure local webpage, you have one easy-to-find site that anyone can use.

Why the US National Emergency Alert Registry?

We created USNEAR so there would be one, easy-to-find site to help everyone get registered.

Because each city or county manages their own alert system, there are thousands of sign-up pages all over the web, making it difficult to publicize a single, simple address.

With USNEAR, everyone in the US can register for their local emergency alert system by going to one single address.

Should I Register Here?

If you know the registration page for your local area, you should use that instead of this form. The local page will get you active a day or so faster. Also, some registration pages have additional steps. We’ll pass those steps on to you, but it’s simpler if you register directly.

This form is primarily for people who do not know their local emergency alert sign up page and want an easy form they can fill out right now.

If you want to sign up directly, just give us your address and email (leave all the other data blank) and we’ll look up your sign-up page or page(s) and email you the right links so you can register yourself.

Live in Colorado?

There’s a webpage with all county signup pages, compiled by the 9-1-1Colorado Foundation. Go to: